Akademy 2022

This year, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Akademy in person (@ Barcelona) for the first time! For context, I first started contributing to Plasma Mobile in 2020, right around when easily testable hardware (ex. PinePhone) was taking shape. I originally started with some contributions to some applications to learn Qt and C++, but have since then taken more responsibility with tasks from all around the software stack. Talks 🔗We first had a welcome event on Friday where attendees got to know each other.

Setting up a personal website with Hugo and Cloudflare Pages

So recently I decided that I really needed an easy workflow for my website, since I just wanted to write blog posts without needing to worry about site deployments. I ended up using Hugo and Cloudflare Pages to do so, which automatically deploys my website as soon as I push to my Git repository. First, some background… Hugo is a site generator, that can create static sites simply from a folder of files, with support for markdown.

Going to Akademy!

I am going to be attending Akademy 2022 in person! This is my first time going to Akademy in-person, so it is quite exciting! I will be doing a talk with Bhushan on the state of Plasma Mobile. A bit of background on my experience at KDE: I first started contributing to KDE in 2020, creating the KClock project as a way to learn Qt Quick, and to pick up one of the pending tasks of Plasma Mobile.


hello again My blog is up for real this time, now with Hugo… i am here to soil the internet with my thoughts

Creating an API in Java

Warning: This is something I wrote in high school and probably doesn’t make sense! So I have recently finished making a beta of a SpigotMC plugin (ProtectionStones), and so I am going to share my thoughts on Java API development, from the ecosystem, to simply the structure of your program. Do I need to develop an API for my project? 🔗Think about the use case of your project, and how large the codebase will be.


Hey! This website is still a work in progress, but I do hope to soon finish the basic outline soon. As for this blog, I do want to write about a healthy mix of topics, including music, code, and other fun stuff! If you ever wanted to view the source code of this website, you can check it out here. I have not used Go before to write the front-end of a website, so it will be interesting to see how the code will look once the initial website is said and done.